Featured Artists

Armando Pedroso

Art is an expression of one's self, a way to convey the deepest emotions within the heart. Artist Armando Pedroso does just that with his beautiful abstract paintings. Using materials as diverse as acrylic paint and roofing tar, as well as special techniques, such as blow torching, Armando creates art that is unlike anything else. They reflect his true passions and stir up the emotions in those who view them. Armando's paintings make great pieces to display, giving any space a burst of energy. Purchase one of his works of art to add a vibrant touch to your home.

Armando deconstructs and reconstructs a variety of materials to create his unique paintings. From roofing tar to plaster, and found objects such as those made of metals, nothing goes unused to create his masterpieces. Armando paints with rich, acrylic colors and uses words to stir up emotions. His work is sometimes playful, and at times, gritty with an urban feel, but always interesting. They capture the essence of a man's dream and what it might look like if inspired to take a leap of faith


Danny DeLancey

Danny Delancey is a Louisiana native and self-taught artist actively practicing and exhibiting in New Orleans since 2010. Prior to painting, DeLancey began his career as a graphic designer creating works for Paul Mitchell, United Way, Walk America, and NOLA World Music. His current series, The Stroll, signals the belief that despite hard times, one can still get dressed, go for a stroll, and experience the wonder and excitement of life. Danny’s  suited Rabbit with its three red balloons has become an iconic piece of New Orleans imagery associated with the French Quarter where he actively paints daily. Beyond being exhibited and held in private collections worldwide, Danny’s s work has been used as set decoration for "NCIS: New Orleans" and "The Originals". Most recently Danny was a featured extra on "The Originals" where he live painted a stroll for a focused shot. Danny actively donates his works to numerous charitable organizations where they are auctioned to raise funds. Twenty-five percent of the sale will benefit the Take Paws Rescue organization organizing the fostering and adoption of abandoned pets in Louisiana.